Montag, 7. September 2015

Changing The World

For the first time Teach For Austria was invited to hold a summer school at the European Forum Alpbach. The European Forum Alpbach was established 70 years ago and is a three week event that takes place in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps. The Forum’s goal is to create a dialogue across generations and sectors in order to address relevant socio-political questions of our time. This year, the question of InEquality is being discussed. 

InEquality has many facets and reasons and is found in a variety of fields. This is exactly where we come in. Two weeks ago five Fellows held the Teach For Austria summer school called “Changemaker Lab – from Vision to Action“. The six day training course tackled the reasons of InEquality in the Austrian education system.

“The Teach For Austria Summer School at the European Forum Alpbach 2015 gave me insights into the challenges, difficulties, and chances of various education systems. I haven't experienced such a motivating, positive and inspiring environment when it comes to such a vastly discussed topic (as the improvement of the Austrian education system) for years.” (Ingrid, 26)

Together with our participants we tried to build a perfect system of education to then move on to formulating visions to change the statues quo.

“The summer school of Teach For Austria helped me to learn and apply skills regarding leading others and develop my vision further. Through this, I now understand my next steps better. The learning environment fostered creativity and encouraged me to try new things.” (Andrea, 30)

It was great working together with so many young and inspiring people. Maybe at some point in the future we will find some of the developed visions changing our society.

“The Changemaker Lab was an amazing event that inspired me to dive deep into the subject of visionary thinking. The basis for building my own vision was given by support and constructive criticism of a fantastic group of participants and very well prepared speakers. I would definitely recommend everybody to take part next time.” (Alexander, 34)

Nina, Fellow 2014

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